ALM® 12V7s / 12V7sHP LiFePO4 battery system


Lightweight, Long-Lasting Replacements for Lead-Acid Batteries

The ALM 12V7s product line delivers exceptional performance, operating life, and robust safety in the most demanding energy storage applications.  Designed to deliver high power delivery with consistent energy capacity, leading cycle and float life, and robust safety protections, the ALM 12V7s products are ideal for demanding UPS, telecommunications back-up, and medical equipment power systems. Scalable arrays up to 48V, 50Ah (4S10P) without external Battery Monitoring System (BMS) it`s possible.



  • High power delivery up to 9C while maintaining full rated capacity, ideal for small, short duration UPS applications.
  • Fast charging, allowing full charge from 100% discharge depth in less than 10 minutes, dramatically improving the availability of portable devices such as medical equipment


  • Exceptional cycle life even at repeated deep, fast operating cycles, opening the possibility of batteries outlasting the equipment they serve.
  • Superior float service and calendar life, virtually eliminating the need for battery servicing and replacement in most back-up power applications.


  • Simple systems up to 2.6 kWh (BOL-Beginning of Life)
  • Up to four ALMs in series
  • Up to ten ALMs in parallel
  • Enables 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems
  • No external BMS required
  • Protection functions of each battery cooperate in scaled configurations
  • Automatic balancing between batteries in series and/or parallel


  • Consistent performance across temperature extremes, dramatically outperforming even temperature-optimized lead-acid batteries in demanding environments, such as telecom outside plant equipment.
  • Lightweight – less than half the weight of equivalent lead-acid batteries – simplifying use in portable equipment or outside equipment.
  • Simply scalable in series up to 48V and in parallel configurations for expanded capacity, without external controls


  • EverSafe™ Battery Technology. providing built-in, fully redundant, electronic fusing and sensing protection against short circuits, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature conditions, with automatic recovery.
  • Tested and proven against the latest UL and IEC standards for assured safety.
  • Inherently safe, abuse tolerant, Nanophosphate® LiFePO4 chemistry.
  • Sealed ABS plastic case (UL 94-5VA flame retardant)
  • Environmentally friendly; cells contain no lead or cadmium



Base stations, broadband nodes
Long cycle and float life supports stable or unstable grid applications
Low weight eases pole-top utilization


Uninterruptible power supplies in data center (server UPS), industrial, and office applications - wherever computers are used in critical applications. Also suitable for industrial automation


Increased backup functionality of medical devices in the indoor area, in the outdoor area ideal for the permanent operation of mobile devices without restrictions, thus significantly increasing the quality of patient care


Off-grid power systems require fast and frequent charge and discharge cycles, often in harsh environments with portable requirements. The long life of the ALM 12V7, with all advantages, is ideal for these demanding applications: renewable energy such as wind energy systems, solar applications, mining, remote sensing, electronic traffic signs, lighting